Sacred Spaces

St. Catharine’s in Spring Lake is blessed with two sacred spaces, both located in the triangle-shaped meditative space in front of the entrance to St. Catharine Church.

The east end has the Memorial to the Unborn. Thank you to the hard work of Ann Hanlon, Mary Lou Oliva, Mary Reilly and others, and the generosity of our friends at H.T. Hall Monuments, our memorial is blessed to have a nationally recognized Memorial to the Unborn site.

We participate in a nationwide prayer event every September, and we also encourage everyone to carry on the spiritual mission of the Day of Remembrance througout the year by visiting a gravesite of aborted children or other memorial site to offer prayers of mourning for the victims of abortion.

A suggested prayer for your visit to our memorial can be found here, and we welcome all to come and find peace, pray, or express your grief.

Day of Remembrance 2018


The second space is at the west end of the triangle, closest to the Church. Here is our shrine to Our Lady of Fatima and it is a beautiful and tranquil place to offer a Rosary, or spend some quiet time in devotion to our Lady. Please visit and enjoy some quiet contemplation, meditation and prayer.

Fatima Shrine